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Consumer group claims Sprint, Cingular mislead on plans, terms

Marc Perton
Marc Perton|July 22, 2005 3:28 AM

text messagingThe Utility Consumers' Action Network, a California consumer advocacy group, has filed a complaint against Sprint and Cingular, saying that the cellular services conned customers into overpaying for services such as text messaging. "Customers are inadvertently or surreptitiously being charged for services they don't understand or haven't received," Michael Shames, executive director of the group, told The New York Times. Cellular services providing confusing pricing plans and incomprehensible promotions? We're shocked! Shocked! Listen, instead of suing, just do what we do: next time you sign up for a new plan, take every feature they offer, even if you're not sure what it is or does. Then when the bill comes, expense it and send it to Jason (er, just kidding, okay?).