Palm's super, mega top secret other business

Peter Rojas
P. Rojas|08.06.05

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Peter Rojas
August 6th, 2005
Palm's super, mega top secret other business image
Palm's super, mega top secret other business image
Jeff Hawkins

He's all super duper extrasecretive about what they've got cooking, but Palm founder and CTO Jeff Hawkins reveals in an interview with the San Jose Business Journal that Palm has a third business (after PDAs and smartphones) that they haven't yet revealed to the public. He does mention that it has something to do with mobile computing, but that'd be like McDonalds revealing that they've got a top secret project related to food:

There is a third business that I've been working on but I'm not going to tell you what it is. It's in mobile computing. It's something different and it's in its early stage. We have three businesses at PalmOne. One you don't even know about, which is just a child. Another is the teenager and the other one is the mature 45-year-old.

Q: Can you give me a better idea about what this "child" technology is?

A: Not really. I'll give you a couple clues. I always think of mobile computing as personal computing. This long-term vision has led us through everything -- first the organizers and now through the smart phone space. It's like everything a personal computer is. Continue down that path. What are the implications of a world where everyone has a super high-speed Internet connection in their pocket and many gigabytes of storage, super-fast processors, audio, visual and multimedia? What are the consequences of that? How will that change computing when you have all that stuff available to you all the time? I try to think into the future. That's how we come up with new products. So I'm not going to tell you what it is, but it's following the consequences of mobile computing.

Anyone heard anything about this?

[Via PalmInfocenter]

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