IBM's SoulPad portable virtual computing environment

Ryan Block
R. Block|08.10.05

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Ryan Block
August 10th, 2005
IBM's SoulPad portable virtual computing environment image
IBM's SoulPad portable virtual computing environment image
IBM SoulPad

There are already ways to take our user profile and data around with you on a flash drive, but IBM's new SoulPad virtual computing user environment system intends to kind of take all that to the next level. With SoulPad, not only would your user environment be persistent, but so would be your session. Imagine suspending said user session—open windows, multimedia, active (and inactive) data, etc.—to a portable drive-enabled device (the demo video [14MB WMV] uses an iPod photo as an example) and booting back to this session independently another machine. When you're done you resave your session to your device and the host machine returns to normal. Of course it only boots off Knoppix right now, so if you Windows or Mac users think you'll be able to get SoulPad running with your mainstream OS of choice, you're gonna have to wait for Big Blue to pound all that out (or get to licensing it).

P.S. -Love how the guy in the demo video was listening to Depeche Mode. (That was DM, wasn't it?)
P.P.S. -Billy Joel? Sorry, we'll lay off the 80s comps a little bit.

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