Optical mouse, 4GB iPod mini gone for good?

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steve_parisIt's almost time for Mac Expo Paris, and you know what that means: The rumors are flying. To add to the fray, Apple Insider reports today that the Paris Expo may mean the end of the 4GB iPod mini and the optical Apple Pro Mouse. According to the article, Apple has canceled individual backorders for the Pro Mouse, and removed it from the online Apple Store. Additionally, some resellers seem to be having difficulty in restocking the 4GB iPod mini (making way for flash-based iPod minis?).

What bold predictions! No more low-end mouse and no more low-end iPod. Is it just me, or do the rumor sites seem to be much quieter than they were, say, before the Think Secret incident? I don't know if they're just more timid lately or if former sources have actually run dry. Either way, I like the silence. That way, Steve's "one more thing" is still a surprise.

[Via Apple Insider]
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