Korean MP3 manufacturers peeved with Samsung over flash memory discounts to Apple

ipod nano

Well, this was bound to happen: Korean MP3 player manufacturers are none too pleased with Samsung's decision to sell out its compatriots and give archrival Apple a super excellent discount on those 2GB and 4GB flash memory modules used in the new iPod nano. Samsung gave Apple such a sweet deal (supposedly in the area of 50%) that now no one else can expect to compete on price, with a spokesperson from ReignCom, the company behind the iRiver brand, dejectedly declaring that since they can, "hardly declare a price war with Apple. We'll counter Apple's challenge by releasing new concept products." A Samsung Electronics exec defended the move, saying that volume buyers get better deals, and that his company, "didn't mean to do any harm to domestic MP3 manufacturers." Hey, business is business, right?

[Thanks, Ken C.]