Thomson DTI0601: world's first DVB-T mobile set-top box with LCD

Thompson DTI0601

We need more TV — a simple axiom we are, uh, certain you will not dispute. Thompson knows this and so announces the "world's first" mobile digital terrestrial broadcast set-top box with radio reception and integrated 4.3-inch wide-screen LCD. It features composite and SCART connectors for TV copulation, 2.5 hours of battery life, a 12-volt car adaptor, remote control, noise canceling headphones, and USB 2.0 for software updates from your computer. More importantly, the integrated "diversity antenna system" ensures optimal reception in busy metropolitan areas or even at high speeds. So now you can turn on, tune in, and drop out at home or anywhere else you need your boob fix. The 6.7 x 3.55-inch, 1-pound brick will drop in early 2006 for the UK, Australia, France, Germany, and Italy only — 'cause it's DVB-T, that's why.

[Via The Gadget Blog]