Stingray Internet Security hardware firewall

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Paul Miller
September 21, 2005 7:10 AM
Stingray Internet Security hardware firewall image
Stingray Internet Security hardware firewall image

Stingray Hardware FirewallThe Man might be able to bust on you anyway, but a good firewall can at least give you the warm fuzzy feeling that you might be secure. The $100 Stingray is a zero configuration hardware firewall you can plug right in between your modem and computer to dynamically inspect incoming packets and make sure they're just the packets you were looking for. Unfortunately the downside of this zero configuration business is that the Stingray makes no allowance for those questionable packets that you actually want to receive. You can whack the easy to find bypass button whenever you'd like venture out unprotected, but there's no way to allow certain activity while maintaining protection of other ports. This would be perfect for a technophobe, but we're going to probably go with something that's a little less all-or-nothing.

[Via TRFJ]

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