Armed attack dolphins loose in the Gulf of Mexico?


You know, sometimes we lose things here and there — a key, the toll slip on the interstate (damn!), our wallet (double damn!). But the U.S. military — they've one-upped us by losing some armed attack dolphins. Apparently 36 of the U.S. Navy's trained cetaceans have gone missing in the Gulf of Mexico, could be wearing special harnesses carrying "toxic dart" guns (can't be good), and have been trained to shoot at divers in wetsuits simulating terrorists in exercises. Their coastal compound was breached during Hurricane Katrina, sweeping many of the mammals out to sea, and though the Navy isn't confirming it, sources close to naval intelligence confirm that perhaps now is not the time to take that underwater pleasure diving excursion in the Gulf — not that it's exactly the place to be, anyhow.

[Via Futurismic]