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Doggles Wearable Ionizer lets dogs breathe easy

Doggles Wearable Ionizer lets dogs breathe easy image
Doggles Wearable Ionizer lets dogs breathe easy image
Evan Blass
Evan Blass|September 28, 2005 7:10 PM
doggles wearable ionizer

So let's review; we've now seen the following products that people are using to torture improve the lives of their dogs: cellphone, translator, ultrasonic calming radio, social networking collar, texting-bark-identifier, electronic tag, digital camera, and wireless infrared cam. With all this gear dragging him down, Rover certainly deserves to breathe the freshest air possible (that is, if he isn't already dying of radiation exposure), and that's where the Doggles Wearable Ionizer comes in. From the same company that brought us those clever goggles for dogs (Doggles, get it?), the Ionizer works like any home version (by making airborne particles heavy enough to drop to the ground), except it gets clipped to Rover's collar. So now while he's busy answering your texts and phone calls, taking pictures of table legs and poop, and trying to communicate his intense dislike of you, your dog's lungs will always be filled with crisp, clean, germ-free air.

[Via Strange New Products and Doggie News]

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