Tooth microphone patent filed

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Thomas Ricker
September 29th, 2005
Tooth microphone patent filed image
Tooth microphone patent filed image

missing teethRemember that big idea you had to develop a sneaky microphone implanted in your tooth — well save it dreamer 'cause a patent was already filed with the US Patent office earlier this month. Ok, technically it's not an implant since it's "clamped to a back tooth" but still the device would be ideal for noisy environments like battlefields (or Steve Ballmer keynotes) where even throat or skull clamped mics fail. This tooth-bone conduction mic is toggled with the tongue and transmits the signal to a retransmit module worn by the user, thus enabling two-way RF communication with others. More importantly, this will enable our Bluetooth headset wearin' brethren to return to the dating scene.

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