LITE-U Portable Criminal Booking System

Evan Blass
E. Blass|10.14.05

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lite-u portable criminal booking system

Committing crimes isn't really our thing, but we appreciate the fact that some people have chosen a felony-filled lifestyle, and understand that the whole booking process can be quite lengthy upon arrest. Well the MTV-generation criminal doesn't have the time nor the attention span to sit around getting fingerprinted, photographed, and cavity-searched (it's basic economics: the more "leisure" time you spend in lock-up, the less available "working" time you have to spend in the underground economy), so Smiths Heimann Biometrics is helping bring the police station to you. Among their lineup of security products is a portable fingerprinting device called the LITE-U Portable Criminal Booking System, which hooks up to any Windows notebook via FireWire, and allows police to process you at the same location you just finished robbing. We can think of many, many applications for this handy copshop, not the least of which is to pre-book everyone as they enter an English football match, as 92.7% of them will end up fighting and rioting and drinking themselves stupid in the following 90 minutes.

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