Lamborghini and Intel are teaming up on a laptop

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Paul Miller
October 15, 2005 3:35 PM
Lamborghini and Intel are teaming up on a laptop image
Lamborghini and Intel are teaming up on a laptop image
doctored acer lamborghini

All the cool kids car makers have their own laptop line, so Lamborghini is teaming up with Intel to intro a portable that we hope can improve on the Ferrari and Hummer attempts. Not that those weren't wonderful examples of portable design, but it looks like Lamborghini is going to be doing more than just slapping their logo on, since they're already buddy buddy with Intel due to their usage of Intel parts inside their cars. Neither company is in the laptop distribution business so Lamborghini will be selling these lapsters in their online store next year. CNET Asia is expecting a good bit of next-gen intel chipsets in it which should be fun, and while the picture to the right is just a doctored pic of a Acer notebook, we'd just like to remind the guys at Lamborghini product design that this isn't a car mmkay? Like, for instance, we're not really concerned about crumple zones and roll-over ratings here, it's a freaking computer guys.

[Via German Car Blog]

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