Analyst sez Treo 700p on Sprint early next year

Peter Rojas
P. Rojas|11.20.05

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Peter Rojas
November 20th, 2005
Analyst sez Treo 700p on Sprint early next year image
Analyst sez Treo 700p on Sprint early next year image
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Most of the info in Sagio Investments' recent analyst report about Palm is stuff we already knew, like that the Windows Mobile-powered Treo 700w will be out early next year and that they're working on a low-end handset codenamed "Lowrider" and sleeker midrange phone codenamed "Hollywood", but on the second to last page of there is one little bit of juiciness — namely that they believe that early next year Sprint will be getting an exclusive on the new Palm-powered Treo 700p. Of course, they don't reveal anything we'd really like to know, like which version of the Palm OS the 700p will be running and whether it'll have EV-DO, WiFi, a better camera, etc, but we'll live.

UPDATE: For what it's worth, someone from Sagio just sent us this:

Hi I am the investment Manager of Sagio , this report is not supposed to be taken out of the website and was not issued today but last month. On the Sagio Investments website our disclaimer is very clear and we have 0 intention of misleading investors with our research. Taken out of its natural context the research might be misleading and as such I would ask you to remove it from your website or at least to stae very clearly that we own 5.04% oF PALM and as such we are not very partial (actually it is the other way around: its because we love the comapont that we acquired so many shares but that concept seems difficult to explain now). Concerning Palm pipeline I would be happy to discuss it with you, by the way at the time of the report (october and the date is clearly stated on page 1) we thought treo 700p would come out at the same time than the 700w now it looks like it will be march. Thanks and sorry for the confusion I just want to avoid misleading investors.

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