ion's iTTUSB USB turntable

ion ittusb usb turntable

Now we don't think that this product will appeal to hardcore DJs due to its, um, rather plasticy nature, but for an easy way to transfer grandma and grandpa's old Big Band records over to the digital format of their choice (and most likely cheaper than the Phono CD Recorder), ion's iTTUSB turntable might just be the way to go. With no annoying drivers necessary, the plug-and-play iTTUSB is just as happy hanging with Windows as with Mac, and includes Audacity recording software for presumably pain-free content transfer. Non-techies can also use this 'table sans PC with the built-in RCA outputs, but the real draw here seems to be the high-speed USB recording feature. The ion site lists numerous retailers who stock their products, although there is no mention yet of the iTTUSB on any of the sites that we checked.

[Thanks, John W.]