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Shure E4c headphones

Ryan Block
Ryan Block|December 11, 2005 12:01 AM

Shure E4c

There are a lot of quality sound isolating headphones on the market, but something tells us you probably won't want to be laying down the family fortune in order to get a pair. Thankfully we have Shure's E4c line to keep us jacked in. Not only do both they feature a complete ear fit-kit (including foam add-ins and small, medium, and large plugs), but these high end isolators have a two year warranty — so even though they'll set you back a good $300, they'll probably be around a lot longer than most of the devices they'll get used on. And if you're looking to go a little lower on the price scale, we certainly don't know any gadget fans who'd snuff at last year's model, the now-$180 E3c line.