GumSpots Positioning System

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Paul Miller
December 14th, 2005
GumSpots Positioning System image
GumSpots Positioning System image

We admit to being the type of pansies that seek out a trash receptacle to deposit our chewed gum, but for the other nine tenths of society the sidewalk seems to be as good a place as any to spit that Double Bubble. Well now someone has figured out how to put all those sidewalk gum spots to good use with GSPS: the GumSpots Positioning System. You merely take a picture of the sidewalk with your cameraphone and send it to the service, which then determines your location based on the unique pattern of gum spots — ala QR codes — and sends back the image with extra data such as "connect the dot spot" drawings to keep you occupied. They're currently seeking investors to create a social community based around the concept, so bust out your phone and get practicing on those sidewalk pics.

[Via networked_performance]

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