Day 5 of Engadget's Five Days of Holiday Giveaways: Convince us to give you an HTC Universal

Ryan Block
R. Block|12.16.05

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HTC Universal

It's the day you've been waiting for all week. On day one we gave away a bunch of cellphones; day two we loosed just one very nice phone by way of the Podcast; day three we gave away a ton of Xbox prizes; day four's mystery prize has yet to be unveiled, but today's the day we're holding back the tears, sucking it up, and giving away the ultimate gadget of 2005. The winner of the last day of Engadget's Five Days of Holiday Giveaways goes home with the mother of all handhelds, a freaking unlocked HTC Universal. Seriously. We love our readers that much.

And all you have to do is convince us why we should give it to you.

Here's how it works: you email us at engadget at gmail dot com with the subject "Holiday Universal contest" (no quotes) with something to convince us to give you an HTC Universal. It can be a short movie, a picture, a poem, a public display of your affection for Engadget or the HTC Universal, a song you wrote — whatever!

The only rules are: you can only enter once (as always, we'll be checking), your entry must be in by 11:59PM EST, Sunday, December 18th, and whatever you do to convince us to give you this thing must be original. Original not only as in you thought of / did / recorded / whatevered this thing into creation, but that it's original original. We can pretty much tell you that the "I really want a Universal but I'm a broke college student!" shtick ain't gonna win you this thing. Nor is the guilt card. Winner will be chosen by Engadget's staff. Be creative, have fun, good luck, and happy nondenominationalmas to everybody!

UPDATE: Not sure how much more clear we can make this: TELLING US YOUR SOB STORY WON'T HELP YOU WIN. We need to see some creativity.

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