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Nokia files patent for Morse Code-generating cellphone

Nokia 6230i

We just can't resist these strange bastard hybrids of digital and analog. Nokia has filed a patent for an optical messaging system that can generate symbols and Morse Code, as well as decipher the information on the receiving end. They plan to equip handsets with a large light emitting matrix to generate scrolling or blinking symbols recognizeable up to four meters away. Phones using this technology will also come with a single, high-power LED than can be used manually to transmit Morse Code, which can be deciphered on the remote end using a cameraphone. What's the big idea? Nokia calls it a "new communication channel that does not pollute the RF band." Well, they speak truth there, but still — how many of us are already complaining about how much work it takes to send SMS via a 12-button keypad? In related news, Sony Ericsson countered Nokia's announcement by declaring they would be developing a handset capable of sending smoke signals visible up to 20 meters away. Just kidding — that would pollute the RF band. Literally.

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