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iHome iH5 iPod dock/clock radio reviewed

Marc Perton

iHome iH5The iHome iH5 — a dock that merges an iPod with a clock radio — seems like such an obvious idea that we're surprised nobody thought of it before. And now that iLounge has actually reviewed it, we're hoping someone else will. It's not that iLounge didn't like it; they gave it an A minus, and liked most of its features, including its "good sound quality for the dollar, AM/FM tuning, compatibility with all current model iPods, and the ability to work with a remote control." But, for crying out loud, how hard would it have been for iHome to add radio station presets, so you don't have to scroll through the whole spectrum just to get back to NPR? And what about multiple alarms, a standard feature on most $100 clock radios? But the biggest bug, as far as we're concerned, is that the Snooze button is just a thin strip. There are two big, honkin' round buttons on top of this thing. One of those should be Snooze, so we can hit it and hit it hard, without having to flail around looking for it. (That said, given that it's the only iPod dock/clock radio combo, we're gonna have to get one anyhow.)

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