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Motion-controlled iPod interface


I don't think the ROKR, or iTunes phone, or video iPod, or even smaller mini's are coming September 7. Nope, I think it's this: a motion-based iPod remote control. Of course, I'm kidding. But such a product is under development by Peter Tyser. Why? Here's what Peter's thinking:

"During the cold winter months in Wisconsin, avid iPod users find difficulty in comfortably controlling their MP3 player. In order to manipulate the touch-based iPod controls or Apple’s standard remote control, pockets must be opened and gloves or mittens removed, losing precious heat to the cold. One possible solution would be to use general body motion to control the iPod as opposed to touch. This would require no dexterous tasks, only general movements."
Sounds good to me. This also works if your hands are busy (riding a bike) or have trouble with fine motor movement. If Peter's product ever makes it to market maybe he can hire some of those iPod dancers to market it? Imagine strapping a couple of controllers to your wrists, with two iPods, and a portable, battery-powered mixer. DJ Dance Machine!


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