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Nokia delays N91 until early 2006

Evan Blass
nokia n91 small

Nokia has decided to delay the release of its much-anticipated N91 music phone until the first quarter of 2006, no doubt causing a flurry of changes on many people's Christmas lists. As is usually the case with a delayed-release announcement, Nokia claims it wants to ensure the best user experience possible (this time around they cite the desire to incorporate Microsoft's PlaysForSure copy-protection scheme). In case you forgot, the N91 will sport a 4GB hard drive with built-in WiFi and 3G-compatibility, which would seem to make it a very strong competitor for Motorola's 100-songs-and-you're-done ROKR phone. Those who simply must rock their tunes from a Nokia may find temporary solace in the rebranded 6630, which unlike the N91, will be available in plenty of time for Santa to procure.

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