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The Yamaha Gen-RYU hybrid motorcycle


Yamaha Gen-Ryu

Yamaha is dropping no less than 9 world premiere models on the 39th Tokyo Motor Show coming up later this month. Of special note to us is the Gen-Ryu hybrid motorcycle prototype (damn!) which combines the YZF-R6 600cc engine with a high output, high efficiency electric motor. Combine that with some fat wheels and that long wheelbase and you've got a machine said to perform and handle like a "1,000cc class machine." Eco-power not workin' it for ya? Ok, well consider it has a vehicle-to-vehicle distance warning system, a "cornering light system" for a little night time knee-scraping action, and a noise cancelation system which is said to allow for an intercom, voice navigation, hands-free cellphone calls, and music player — damn impressive if it really works! And just for kicks, how about an LCD so you can watch those cagers mouth "what the…" as you roll on by.

[Via Gizmag]

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