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Sprint Music Store reviewed

Marc Perton

Sprint Music StoreWhile we have to give Sprint some cred for being the first US carrier to offer a full-scale music store, with downloads available at one price to both your phone and your PC (the service is similar to the "dual download" service recently unveiled by UK carrier 3), we're not sure how many people are going to be willing to pay $2.50 per song just to be able to play music on their EV-DO-enabled Sprint phone. Laptop Magazine took the Sprint Music Store for a spin, and, for the most part, agrees. While the reviewer liked the convenience of being able to quickly download music to his cellphone, and also appreciated being able to pause songs to take calls, he found the the PC process — which requires redownloading and getting your license verified — frustrating and cumbersome. Sprint also doesn't let you use downloaded songs as ringtones; you have to pay to download prerecorded ringtones separately. Nevertheless, if you've got a song in your head and need to hear it on your phone immediately, there's now a way to do it, as long as it's a major label track, you're a Sprint customer with EV-DO, happen to be within range of the service, and don't mind handing over $2.50 for the privilege.

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