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Oblivion update on Bethesda forums

Alan Rose

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Oblivion 360 launchWe have an update on the previously announced delay of ex-360 launch title Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Well, sort of. Bethesda VP Pete Hines and Oblivion Executive Producer Todd Howard decided to bring us up to speed on the company forums this weekend (and plan to give updates each week until release). However, they don't get any more specific than to say, "There is work that still needs to be done". In fact, they say this three times just to make sure we know how hard they are working.

Regarding a new release date, Hines continues: "We will not put out a more specific date until we are certain we will be ready then." While it's nice to see the development team taking time out to update the fans, if the announcements continue to be as vague as this one, I'd rather just see them spend the extra time on the actual game.

In the meantime, Hines says we can look forward to some additional concept art, screen shots, and a possible fan interview to let the gaming community ask "what it is you think we [Bethesda] aren't telling you." I'm reminded of the Danny Aiello line in Moonstruck: "But you haven't told me anything!"

[via GameInsider]

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