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Ready or not, Apple, Navio wants to open FairPlay (too)

Ryan Block, @ryan
iTunes Music Store

We've heard big talk in the past about opening up FairPlay DRM, but from the sound of it Navio wants to make a business out of circumventing Apple's AAC DRM technology (you know, the stuff that keeps iTunes safe from pirates). But it doesn't sound like there's a Robin Hood story here like before with DVD Jon and QTFairUse, PlayFair, HYMN, DeDRMS, or FairKeys; Navio's motivated to break FairPlay so they can re-license their technique and enable other companies to sell iPod-compatible DRMed music. We're not sure what the DMCA or its pundits will have to say about this business model — but what we're especially unsure of is how Navio plans to avoid the same axe Apple brought down upon those other projects and Real's Harmony.

[Via BoingBoing]

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