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Creative's new Zen Vision:M (with video)


Creative Zen Vision:M

Creative is introducing their new Zen Vision:M, an answer to Apple's 5G iPod, and what an answer it is. We know it gets old hearing every new player get compared to Apple's flagship offering, but can you seriously blame us here? The specs are vaguely familiar, with a 2.5-inch screen at 320x240 resolution and a 30GB hard drive, though thankfully Creative squeezed in 4 hours of video playback, doubling Apple's endurance on at least video. (The audio playback conks out at 11 hours.) The size of the two players is virtually identical, with the Zen Vision:M only changing it up on thickness — at about twice the iPod's 0.43-inches. They're also forging their own path on button placement, sporting a layout similar to that of their Zen Micro Photo, and including a vertical scroll pad. Creative did add their usual FM tuner and voice recording niceties, and they have a decent list of video format support, including MPEG-4, WMV, Motion JPEG, DivX, and XviD, so this $330 player could turn out to be a worthy candidate for video capable commuting buddy — if Apple's lawyers don't have something to say about it first. Check out some closeups of interface, erm, borrowing after the jump.

[Via Apple Brothers]

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