Verizon launches V CAST Music wireless downloads

Verizon VX8100

It's been a long time in coming, but Verizon's finally announced their V CAST Music download service at CES. Unlike Sprint's dual-download model, with Verizon you're free (as in speech) to grab songs for a dollar apiece if you're going to do so on your computer and move them to your cellphone via USB -- but if you're the spontaneous type and want to get that going while you're on the go, it'll cost you two bucks for the same song directly to that phone (though you'll still get that PC download, like with Sprint). V CAST Music will come online January 16th with 500,000 songs ready to go from Warner, EMI, Sony, Universal, and The Orchard, and will work with the LG VX8100 and Samsung a950. Merry OTA tunage downloading, everyone.