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Sony's new VAIO SZ laptops

Sony's new VAIO SZ laptops
Kevin C. Tofel
Kevin C. Tofel|January 6, 2006 1:12 AM
Sony VAIO SZ laptop
Deciding that yet another VAIO series was needed, Sony intro'd the new VAIO SZ series of laptops. The under one-inch thick SZ's are wrapped in a lightweight carbon-fiber casing, keeping the weight under 4 pounds. Sony uses a white LED backlight behind the 13.3-inch XBRITE widescreen display to save power, plus you can toggle between on-board or external chip to conserve even more. for up to 7 hours of juice. Other important specs include an available integrated EDGE radio, biometric fingerprint sensor, G-Sensor shock protection, and built in mic and camera for video-conferencing. Expect the new SZ's this spring starting just under $2,000 for the base and moving on up from there.