Intel's CES booth tour

Marc Perton
M. Perton|01.07.06

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Marc Perton
January 7th, 2006
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Intel's CES booth tour
It's Intel inside at the chipmaker's massive booth — even if the company has dropped that slogan for the new one plastered below.

And, of course, it's Intel inside tons of devices on display, from PCs connected to massive displays ...

... to gaming rigs ...

... to tuner-equipped Pocket PCs ...

... to that new Dell box that we just can't escape.

Dual-core everywhere.

Don't you hate it when big companies try too hard to be hip?

Ah, much better!

We still haven't figured out what these glowing tubes hanging from the ceiling are meant to be, but they sure look purty.

Still more sweet boxes.

So, Intel can help you stay in shape, too.

The obligatory HD DVD plug.

Jeff Goldblum in "Independence Day," saving the world using a Mac. No doubt included here as a winking acknowledgement of Intel's newest partner, whose own Intel-based gear will probably make its debut in just a few days.
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