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Last minute Mac rumors: 15-inch Intel laptop, etc.

Ryan Block
Ryan Block|January 10, 2006 9:19 AM
Intel inside Apple logoWe know it'd be way ahead of the "schedule" that Steve originally laid out at WWDC when he announced Apple's going Intel, but with all these Intel Core Duo (aka Yonah, Napa Centrino, etc.) laptops hitting the street after CES, it really only makes sense today that we'd see some announcement or another regarding the like. And apparently Kevin Rose of TechTV fame has it on authority that today should deliver up a 15-inch Intel laptop, in addition to an iPod FM receiver, iWork/iLife 2006, OS 10.4.4, and some new remote. Either way, hope you're up for hearing about Mac stuff today (last week was admittedly pretty devoid of Mac news), because there could well be a lot to say in just a few short hours.