WatchHDTV: freeware for recording high-def


There are plenty of alternatives to Windows Media Center for recording high-def signals on a PC, but there's always room for one more, right? WatchHDTV just popped up on our radar as a three program suite that supports the ATI HDTV Wonder, DIVCO FusionHDTV, and AverMedia A180 high-def cards. From the limited information on the WatchHDTV site, this is more of a "hands on" type of application as opposed to commercial software such as SnapStream's BeyondTV 4.

C'mon, who hasn't gotten their hands dirty under the the hood? We've got some other review units and software in the queue, so we won't get to this for a bit; give us a shout if you've used this or decide to take the plunge. (via The F-Stop Blues)