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Doing the math on DS lite

The dimensions of the full-sized Nintendo DS are: 5.85x3.33x1.13 inches, giving us a volume of 22.01 cubic inches.

The dimensions of the diminutive Nintendo DS lite are: 5.24x2.91x0.85 inches, giving us a volume of 12.96 cubic inches.

While it might not look much smaller than the full-sized DS, the DS lite is in fact over 40% smaller by volume. To give you some context, we'll list the volume of some other devices you might be familiar with:
  • Game Boy micro: 5.6 cubic inches
  • Game Boy Advance: 17.64 cubic inches
  • Game Boy Advance SP: 9.81 cubic inches
  • Sony PSP: 17.52 cubic inches
  • Atari Lynx: 68.53 cubic inches
  • Xbox 360 power supply: 51.96 cubic feet inches
Despite the size reduction, it's still 80% of the weight of the full-sized DS, so it'll be one dense little unit.

(Update: To sate curiosity, the above dimension for the Atari Lynx comes from the original design. More interesting is that the redesigned Lynx II is actually larger by volume. Original Lynx dimensions: 10.75x4.25x1.5 inches, versus the redesigned Lynx II: 9.25x4.25x2 inches. The volumes of the two units are 68.53 cubic inches and 78.62 cubic inches, respectively. Who'da thunk?)

[Image borrowed from 4cr]