Buy your DRM-loving senator an iPod

Ryan Block
R. Block|02.01.06

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Buy your DRM-loving senator an iPod
Ok, let's set this up. So apparently an 82-year old Alaskan Senator (by the name of Stevens, sir) was given an iPod by his daughter, which resulted in his finally coming to understand how real people interact with real technology, and supposedly thusly found content execs getting the third degree as a result of it. How quaint; do we believe the story's just that simple? No, but IPac (the Intellectual Property Action Committee) believes that by getting people together to buy iPods for "Senators who work on legislation affecting technology" they'll be doing us all a favor, presumably by giving these old fuddy duddy luddites a chance to see how restrictive and ridiculous Big Content really is in the real world. Ok, sure we find it touching that each senator receives their shiny new iPod with "listen to the people" engraved on the back and a letter of explanation and a list of people who bought it for them -- but can we be straight up for a second? Are you really about to donate money to buy new toys for the rich and powerful in the hope that it proves some kind of point or sways them into pro-consumerist action? We know we say vote with your money a lot, but this time we just encourage you to vote with your freaking vote.

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