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Team Engadget Folding@home enters top 60 in 2006

Ryan Block
Ryan Block|February 10, 2006 3:07 PM
We know we've been pretty distracted, but for those not following Engadget's Folding@home team progress, we're now in the top 60 cancer-busting teams worldwide! Congratulations to everyone donating those spare cycles! And don't you worry -- we didn't forget about our last Team Engadget Folding@home contest. For everyone who plugged away to meet our 2,000 point goal we've got a winner for ya: roder, will you please stand up? You won yourself a Tokyo Flash watch!

But we aren't done yet; everyone who makes it to 8,000 points by President's Day (that'd be Monday, the 20th) will automatically be entered in the running for a sweet Tokyo Flash watch, with the winner to once again be picked by our good friend, the random number generator. So get cranking everybody, we've got some diseases to beat!

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Team Engadget's F@H team ID is: 39227