Team Xtender faceplates: some assembly required

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Team Xtender faceplates: some assembly required
Team Xtender faceplates: some assembly required

After hearing about Team Xtender's faceplate series, Tacohead at lowdown411 got a little carried away. He ordered all five of them! Overall, he seems pleased with the one he assembled... wait. Assembled?

Apparently, some of the pieces come unassembled. That, in and of itself, isn't so bad, but there's no manual telling you how to proceed: "I put the IR port cover in - simple enough. Then I came up against the USB spring loaded cover. This part was a bit of a pain in the ass but ultimately I think I did it correctly. There are no instructions with the items or on the website so you'll have to use your mind a bit (damn!)."

I know gamers are stereotyped as being lazy, and I really wouldn't mind putting this together, but even a little xerox'ed manual is in order. Can I get a harumph?

[Thanks, Tacohead]
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