XT9 takes predictive text entry to the Xtreme

Evan Blass
E. Blass|02.14.06

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T9, that old friend who makes mobile messaging slightly less frustrating, has made a big resurgence at this year's 3GSM with an extreme new look and attitude. T9 developer Tegic just announced a partnership with Samsung, who will use the new XT9 system in some of their upcoming devices. XT9 takes all the magic of regular T9 and turns it up a notch by adding stylus support, next-letter prediction and regional error correction, which compensates for users with fat thumbs mashing the wrong key on tiny QWERTY keyboards. Even more exciting, Tegic announced that they are working on XT9 2.0, which will incorporate speech recognition capabilities and Chinese handwriting recognition, to complement the handful of languages and special characters already supported.
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