Mitac's Mio P350 and P550 appear online

Ryan Block
R. Block|02.20.06

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So it looks like Mitac's new Mio GPS Pocket PCs, the P350 and P550, have hit the web. We've half a mind to blow 'em off for their milk and water looks, but according to Mobinaute, who dug these up, the P550 will feature a 400MHz CPU, SiRFstar III GPS receiver, WiFi, Bluetooth, SDIO, and Windows Mobile 5.0 -- you can't argue with specs like those. Unfortunately, the P350 is WiFi and Bluetooth-free, though, so it can hit the highway, jack. Mitac's apparently also got a few new devices up their sleeves as well, including the Mio C710, C510E, C210, and H610, which feature SiRFstar III receivers, and lots of Euro-only map business; the combination of which, you can imagine, doesn't exactly spark our interest.

[Via Pocket PC Thoughts]
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