Canon PowerShot S3 IS ups specs to 6 megapixels

Sure, the long-awaited EOS 30D was Canon's big news today. But that doesn't mean it was the only thing the company decided to drop on us as part of its pre-PMA onslaught. The company is also rolling out a stack of consumer digicams, topped off by the S3 IS, an upgrade to the popular S2 IS, Canon's long-zoom, image stabilized compact EVF. The S3 keeps the earlier model's 12x optical zoom, ups the megapixel count from 5 to 6, pushes the maximum ISO to 800, bumps the flip-out LCD to 2 inches and adds a 60fps QVGA movie mode. Pricing has yet to be announced, but it should be in line with the S2, which currently sells for about $400.