Live at CeBIT: Intel press briefing -- Origami is dead, long live UMPC

So we hit the Intel press briefing this morning and Intel, did indeed give Microsoft their 30 seconds to stand hand-in-hand and announce those three new UMPCs from Samsung, ASUS, and Founder. Ok, it was more like 5 minutes but that's it, which is actually just about right. Afterall, nothing new was revealed, only that their contribution to the new UMPCs is the inclusion of the Microsoft Touch Pack. Intel also told us they will increase UMPC performance by a factor of 10 "over the next 5 years." The rest of the briefing? Well, do you really want to hear about Viiv and Core Duo all over again? Didn't think so. Money shot after the break of two execs holding UMPCs apparently for the first time.