Lara models eveningwear in 43 new screenshots

Dan Choi
D. Choi|03.11.06

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Lara models eveningwear in 43 new screenshots
Tomb Raider: Legend screenshot for the PS2
WorthPlaying has been kind enough to post 43 new screenshots from Tomb Raider: Legend, mostly centered on Lara Croft cavorting about in a slinky black dress for an undoubtedly exciting evening shindig. And yes, we're as relieved as you are that she chose to ditch the pumps before leaping into action (to pump some lead into some fellow guests).

In a kind gesture multiplatform gamers are sure to appreciate, screenshots are separated into different sections for PSP, PS2 (from which the shot above was taken from), Xbox, PC, and Xbox 360. As expected, the PC and 360 in-game shots exhibit subtler shading, dimmer lighting, and a lot more examples of light bloom in a few Asian environs.

While we're sure Ms. Croft's new character model will possess "natural structure, realistic textures, detailed facial features, reactive eyes and fluid motion," we're not sure what to make of the decision to wear a mini-backpack as an accessory to a backless dress. Even strapping on an automatic (or just a semiautomatic) rifle doesn't seem to mitigate that fashion faux pas. At least she looks like she's having the time of her life.

[Via Evil Avatar]

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