Blue Laser Wars Cont.

Ken Weeks
K. Weeks|03.12.06

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Ken Weeks
March 12th, 2006
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Blue Laser Wars Cont.
Blue Laser Wars Cont.

Following up on their useful examination of HD-DVD, TeamXbox has published an easy-to-understand run-down of the facts concerning Sony's Blu-Ray (aka Beta-Ray) format. They're even kind enough to summarize their own article:
  • Blu-ray Disc has a higher storage capacity per layer than HD DVD.
  • Blu-ray Disc has a higher transfer rate and recording speed that HD DVD as the result of using a higher value of NA.
    • At 10,000 rpm rotation speed results in a 12X Blu-ray Disc drive while that is equal to 9X HD DVD.
    • Therefore, HD DVD is required to rotate at higher speeds to reach the same transfer rates of Blu-ray Disc.
  • Blu-ray Disc media has a different internal structure than HD DVD and DVD. Thickness is the same for the discs, but different for the layers inside.
  • As a result, hybrid discs are easier to develop on Blu-ray Disc because of the format’s 0.1mm thickness for the data layer. A single side Blu-ray Disc could incorporate a dual layer DVD-9 (8.5GB) disc, but in the case of HD DVD, that requires a double side disc.
  • HD DVD media is less expensive to manufacture than Blu-ray Disc because it doesn’t require significant changes to existing production lines.
 However many gigs your rearview mirror ornament of choice ends up packing, I tend to agree with Mr. Gate's that this latest format war is a loser's game. The future has to lie somewhere beyond getting off the couch to change discs. It's too much like switching channels without a remote.

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