Excess (ekses) n. : a Quad SLI gaming rig

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Excess (ekses) n. : a Quad SLI gaming rig
Excess (ekses) n. : a Quad SLI gaming rig

Nvidia has announced that Quad SLI technology will be available from top system sellers, delivering ridiculous framerates at resolutions up to 2560x1600. Systems include Dell's already announced XPS 600 Renegade as well as machines from power players Alienware, Falcon Northwest, Voodoo, and—of course—the PrimeA Galleria 64Quad-SLI.

With prices around the $5K mark, don't expect to see Compaq offering these space heaters at the local department store; hardcore gamers only need apply. With this setup, you'd only need about 7 systems to push all the pixels in that ridiculous 10240x3072 display. Let's see, uh, 7 times $5K...

[Via Engadget]

[UPDATE: Added a clarification]
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