Treo 700p release date leaked?

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Paul Miller
March 17, 2006 6:10 PM
Treo 700p release date leaked?
This scan was dubiously released to TreoCentral forums this afternoon without a lot of verification, but it would seem to purport a May 28th launch target for Sprint's Palm Treo 700p. The 28th happens to be a Sunday, which seems odd timing for a launch, but it could just be a general target, and it lines up with the mid-year rumorings we've heard recently. The scanned product sheet also mentions EV-DO, a 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, 128MB of memory, and DUN modem capability, none of which contradicts previously leaked specs. So while the mid-year timing might be a blow to those of us barely scraping by on a 650, the feature set is looking good for those with patience. That is, of course, if any of this checks out at all.

[Via Palm Infocenter]
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