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Call of Duty 2 multiplayer finally patched

James Ransom-Wiley
James Ransom-Wiley|March 22, 2006 12:30 PM
Call of Duy 2Most of us were too busy GRAW-ing to notice, but yesterday, Infinity Ward quietly released the long overdue auto-update for Call of Duty 2's online multiplayer. Xboxic confirms that the following features have been added:
  • Can actively host a game
  • Lobbies fully implemented including game options and pre-game smack talk
  • Hoster can kick players
  • Private matches are allowed
  • You can select any map of choice
  • Score and time limits configurable
  • Post-game lobby after the game is over
  • Can invite players to the game
  • You can see enemy names in-game
  • No noticeable lag continuously disrupting games
[Thanks to everyone that sent this in]