More pics show antenna-free Treo to be more of a "Lowrider"

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Paul Miller
March 22nd, 2006
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More pics show antenna-free Treo to be more of a "Lowrider"
We wish we could get more info this sparkle blue Treo other than a growing collection of janky photos, but we'll run with what we've got. New pics have surfaced showing the front of the device, and it's looking to be a mere clone of the 650 -- minus antenna, of course -- instead of something more akin to a Palm version of the 700w form factor that has been subject to numerous rumors of its own. This could mean that we're looking at the rumored low-end "Lowrider" instead of the supposedly trim 'n fit 3G "Hollywood." It could also mean we're looking at pics of a painted 650 with a lopped off antenna -- your guess, as always, is as good as ours.
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