Revolution Fanboy posts lame April Fool's joke

"Well, that was a bit crap," said Revolution Fanboy reader Fletch Trommel upon reading the latest post on a reasonably popular Nintendo blog. "I hate it when these writers feel pressured into creating creating fake news stories and embarassing photoshop images just because it's April 1st. Most of the stories are so ridiculous and completely forget that the whole point of the day is to trick people!"

Readers were presented with a seemingly innocent Saturday morning article by regular and internationally despised blogger, Ludwig Kietzmann, written in his usual smug and slightly offensive tone. "It was written in his usual smug and slightly offensive tone. Little did I know that the whole story was FAKE! It totally wasted at least five seconds of my life." That was the response from Jenny Trifuga, a long-time reader who immediately vowed to cease visiting the site. "That was the last straw. If they can't give me definitive news around the clock on a console that hasn't launched yet, I'm not interested."

Though it would seem that Revolution Fanboy did more harm than good with the falsified article, several people, including Josh Frenowski, claimed that they enjoyed it. "They totally had me until I realized what the date was, and I just had to laugh about it. I could totally see Nintendo releasing Metroid Prime: Piñata Hunters for the Revolution." Another reader, going only by the online name of "OrlyOwl2005", insisted that it was the greatest piece of writing in the site's history. "It's the only good thing they've ever written. I think they should write fake news stories all the time."

When quizzed about the reception of the article, author Ludwig Kietzmann could only shake his head and say, "I don't know what I was thinking. Even my mother was disappointed in me, and she's gotten all the shines."