GDC: The PlayStation booth tour

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GDC: The PlayStation booth tour
GDC: The PlayStation booth tour

In clearing out the remainder of my GDC photographs, I've assembled this tour of Sony's relatively massive PlayStation booth. Compared to many of the other booths in the San Jose Convention Center, Sony's white PlayStation station was impressive; owing more to style than outright scale (which wasn't much larger than Nintendo's). While impressive, the booths at GDC are lilliputian compared to the marketing monsters at E3. Read on for the shots ...

I found the PlayStation Spot kiosk with ...

... my trusty PSP in tow. Though the Prince appears to be smiling, he was in fact very upset to learn that they required PSP firmware v2.5 to play their precious demos. I used the kiosk unit to play.

Wasn't much of a line to play Untold Legends: The Warriors Code.

There were plenty of kiosks to go around.

This was their super futuristic front desk. It had a slightly off-putting receptionist desk vibe going on, like I was at a dentist's office in the future.

Mark Rein was showing this stuff off at Epic's booth. A very early build, it alternated from looking really impressive to really pedestrian (read: corridor crawler). You can be sure Epic won't disappoint in the looks category though.

The large (and, quite possibly, in charge) PS3 dev unit flanked by two demo screens and a couple dev dudes.

I have no idea what this tiny cubicle, built atop a part of their booth, was for. I imagined Phil Harrison taking VIPs up there for champagne (because that's what VIPs do ... drink champagne in exclusive places) until I realized there was no way his 6'7" frame could manage to be comfortable up there. Second conclusion: it's just for show, there was probably no floor.
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