LG's LG550 musicphone


CTIA is just getting rolling here in Vegas, but we've already spotted a couple of fine looking new handsets, most notably LG's new LG550 musicphone. LG was lame and wouldn't let us take any hands-on shots, which turned out to be a big mistake since the press shots they gave us really don't do this thing justice.

Yeah, that touchpad on the front definitely reminds us of you-know-what, but the rest of the phone is sleek and thin, and along with the Chocolate Phone, the LG550 represents an evolution of LG's handset design sensibility Specs are decent, but not extraordinary: EV-DO, Bluetooth, a MicroSD memory card slot, a 1.3 megapixel digital camera, swappable faceplates, and software for creating your own ringtones by humming the melody of what you want it to be (or something along those lines). No carrier or price confirmed yet, but the LG550 should be available here in the States sometime in Q2.