Garmin's BMW Motorrad III Navigator motorcycle GPS receiver

Evan Blass
E. Blass|04.07.06

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Garmin's BMW Motorrad III Navigator motorcycle GPS receiver
European bikers will soon be tearing up the continent with a little more direction thanks to Garmin's upcoming BMW Motorrad III Navigator GPS receiver designed specifically for the helmets and leather crowd. Probably also functional on non-BMW motorcycles, the Motorrad III features a 454 x 240 TFT display, birds-eye view mapping, and 500MB of free storage after MapSource City Navigator Europe NT Version 8 is installed. Also on board is a Bluetooth radio, although the poor translation of French site Mobinaute that our intern managed to patch together doesn't make its functionality exactly clear -- we think you can pair it with a Bluetooth headset for hearing the spoken guidance cues inside your helmet, and perhaps like some other Bluetooth-equipped units, it may be possible to have it dial points of interest on your phone as well. Sources indicate that this model should be available sometime this month, but pricing, as is often the case, remains shrouded in mystery.

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