Japanese movie theaters to get Internet-controlled "Smell-O-Vision"

Evan Blass
E. Blass|04.12.06

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Japanese movie theaters to get Internet-controlled "Smell-O-Vision"
In yet another gimmicky attempt to revitalize sagging box office sales, NTT Communications Corp will be installing fragrance-releasing equipment (think: giant Glade Plug-Ins) in several Japanese theaters that mixes different herbs and oils to create aromas that supposedly enhance key on-screen plot elements. According to Kyodo News, NTT "will use the Internet" to synchronize the scent generators -- which are located under what we assume to be more-pricey "aroma premium seats" -- during seven scenes of the multi-theater April 22nd premier. Colin Farrell lovers will be pleased to learn that the first movie to get this 21st century "Smell-O-Vision" treatment is the actor's 2005 film, 'The New World," whose tale of love between Pilgrims and Native Americans will no doubt result in a heavy odor of turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie lingering in the theaters for weeks.
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